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 The recent decline in the coal industry in Wise County, Virginia has led to an increase in the unemployment rate or lower paying jobs. While this high level of unemployment is a dilemma for the local economy, the larger, more pressing concern is a lack of adequate nutrition for the children of the community.  


According to the United Way, in Southwest Virginia, one in four children live in poverty and 70% of Wise County primary school students are on free/reduced lunch. This inadequacy is compounded by federal guidelines that limit free school calories for school lunch. For some of these children, school lunch is their only daily meal. 


The goal of the Lunchbox276 program is to make sure our lunchbox kids are able eat as much as they need. We want to make sure every child can eat a full meal at breakfast and lunch. We want to send food in a backpack on the weekend so they don't have to miss a meal.


Our school district does everything in its power to feed those children in need but they are subject to budgetary restrictions and government regulations. With families facing stressful economic times, the number of hungry children is rising. With your help, the Lunchbox276 program can fill the gap. Let's work together to expand our program into every primary school in Wise County and beyond.

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